Ketogenic Diet + CrossFit

Day 100. Wow.

My Keto Journey started when I can’t decide on what to buy on our office canteen. Told myself “Try ko kaya?” and right there and then I bought a Keto-friendly meal. On the same day, I asked Keto guru Coach Raul A. Penaranda Jr. for tips, got some recipes from JC Almarinez , joined KLPH FB group, researched the pros and cons, and bought some keto goodies in the grocery.

My 3rd day was the hardest as we have a knockout semifinals game on our company’s basketball league and I’m on the tail end of my Keto Flu. After the game, I felt like puking (maybe because of the loss) and my legs were cramping. Cheesy as it may sound, I told myself “Pucha kaya mo yan, itulog mo lang”. I woke up at around 4AM feeling a lot better, hit the showers, went to Crossfit Katipunan and PR’d a Hero WOD. I haven’t taken a pre-workout supplement in nearly 8 years but that’s what ketosis felt like… more energy and mental focus.

Of course, you’ll notice drastic changes in your body especially on your weight. Losing weight was the most popular goal for some but for me I just want to drop my body fat percentage while maintaining the same weight. My weight dropped by 10 lbs in the first 2 weeks (148 lbs) so I had to adjust my macros and my training regimen. I focused more on strength training and replaced Metcon training with functional bodybuilding.

I achieved my goal (158 lbs with 14% bodyfat) on Day 90. So, what’s next? Set another goal, go back to the drawing board, execute, and enjoy the ride.

Hope this post can inspire others to start thinking more about their health. I am in no way promoting Keto as it’s still best to consult a professional when it comes to your health. The best diet is still the one that you can sustain and makes you healthier.

(Written by: Dinno Senson Sandoval)